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Howley Financial GroupOver the years Jack has cultivated a large library of various books pertaining to the financial world. These are some of his personal favorites.

LEAP - The Key to Financial Success by Robert Castiglione
The long awaited first book by Robert Castiglione, creator of the LEAP SYSTEM.  Learn the principles behind why the LEAP SYSTEM has been such an overwhelming success for over 30 years.  Gain insight and understanding as to many of the problems facing consumers today and why the factors that exist in the marketplace are actually working against your ability to build and create wealth.

The Infinite Banker by R. Nelson Nash
Finally! A book that tells the truth about Dividend-Paying Whole Life Insurance. Exercise your imagination with this major paradigm shift. Reading the book just one time won't do the job.

There have been many people who have had a glimpse of what this book is all about, but none, to my knowledge, has put together a comprehensive rationale such as you will see here. Read it with an open mind and you will discover an exciting new financial world!

Missed Fortune by Douglass R. Andrew
These ideas are not novel, but the Missed Fortune approach is. When financial planners or CPAs study and understand these concepts, they cannot refute the numbers. The variable that will assure success or failure is the discipline of the individual implementing the strategies. We’ll issue the same warning we do in the each of the Missed Fortune books: these concepts are not for financial jellyfish.

Please understand that not all financial professionals understand how to implement these strategies correctly. Ask your financial professional if they have been TEAM trained and are a current member of Missed Fortune Associates.

The financial strategies that you will learn and implement are not “get rich quick” schemes. Instead, they are safe, methodical systems that can dramatically enhance your net worth, substantially increase your retirement income, and empower your wealth.